Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too much drama, too little interest....

So as I mentioned before....our shift bid is fast approaching. There is so much BS about who may be going to what shift, and who will bump who off what shift, I just can't keep up with it. I'm unfortunately on the bubble so to speak. When it comes time for me to write my name down, then i'll know what my shift choices will be. It is a stressful time though. I like the shift that i'm on, like the guys (officers and deputies) that I work with, the only exception is this one snatch that ended up on our shift this last bid. She has been nothing but trouble, and has created wayyyyy too much DRAMA! You would think that with as many times as she has been called out of the room, and called into the directors office, that she would want to get as far away from our shift as possible....however, had to know there was a however in there seems like she may choose to stay on "our" shift, she does have the seniority damnit. So, if it happens that way, I guess it's 6 more months of putting up with her drama. She's just one of those women that's not happy unless she's being nasty to someone, or trying to get someone in trouble.

On another note.....I'm getting a personalized plate on my's going to say SRPY 911...which of course stands for Sarpy 911. I had to put two other choices down so they are IMAT911 and DSPTCHR. Hopefully i'll get my first choice.

Hmmmmmm.....not much else eventful going on....hopefully i'll get some sleep today.

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