Saturday, July 28, 2007

A day at the Zoo

We took the kids to the zoo last weekend. I get a season pass every year from work. We use it enough that it definately pays for itself throughout the year. We had a great time! They have a Budgie exhibit, where you can buy a popcicle stick with birdseed glued on it and feed the birds. It was Colby's first time in the exhibit and he was fascinated with all the brightly colored birds. The kids also wanted to ride the Carousel, again Colby's first time. He wasn't really impressed with the Rhino at first. Then once the ride started and he realized that it moved, he was excited. He didn't want to get off when the ride stopped. It was such a warm day that when the kids started splashing in the water feature, we figured oh well, they'll dry. We managed to get them to pose on the gorilla statue for a picture too! All in all, a wonderful day! Love it when we can do things as a family.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Worlds of Fun Trip

Okay, let me first say we had a fantastic time at the park. I will now tell you that I am entirely too old and too fat for this shit!! LOL! Yesterday went really well. We left early since we had a 3 hr drive to the park. Had to drop off Colby at Grandma's and the dog off at Anne's house, and we were off. We stopped for breakfast on the way, and got to the park just after 11:00 am. There was no crowd at the front gate and since we bought our tickets in advance we walked right through. One of the biggest roller coasters is right at the front of the park so we started there. It's one that hangs from the rail as opposed to being in a car on top of the rail. As we walked up to the entrance we were stopped by an attendant who had to measure both kids. Christian was fine, Kennedy was about 2 inches too short, and PISSED! So.....they allowed Kennedy and Joe to go up the exit and when Christian and I made it through the line we did a parent swap so both of us could ride. Christian basically got to ride two times in a row. For being his first roller coaster, he did really well. Well, we found that there were a total of three rides that Kennedy would not be tall enough for, and I had no interest in one so stayed on the ground with her while the boys rode it and the other we didn't even look at. It was a really hot day and I started to notice that I wasn't feeling well. I figured I was pretty dehydrated and started downing water. But, as some of you may know, by the time you realize you're dehydrated it's usually too late. I just got progressively worse, I stopped riding the coasters, continued to drink water and stay in the shade. We even went into an air conditioned show so that I could cool off. I knew that we were close to leaving, so was trying to suck it up for just a bit longer. We made our final trip around the park, riding for a second time those coasters the kids liked best. We had skipped one and saved it for last, since it was close to the exit and I hadn't been feeling well. I felt obligated to ride since it was two to a car and I didn't want either one of the kids to ride without an adult. I felt like shit and was soooooo done. The decision to ride was a REALLY bad one. The ride is short, THANK GOD! You ride it normal and then when you hit the end of the ride, you ride it in reverse! Loops, corkscrews and everything. Yep couldn't get me out of there fast enough. I about tossed my cookies, I was dizzy, had a pounding headache, and was felt like I was going to pass out any moment. I went into the bathroom, and AHHHHHH, it was air conditioned, I stayed for a few minutes, but we had to go. We got to the front of the park, and the kids reminded us that we still had to buy T-shirts. We went into the gift shop, Joe took one look at me, sent me out to get a water and sit down. He quickly got the t-shirts handled and then came out to where I was sitting. He started putting ice on my pressure points trying to cool me off, I could tell he was getting really worried. I told him I just wanted to go, and we headed to the car in the parking lot. Once I got into the air conditioned car and continued to drink water, I was feeling better, but still wasn't 100 percent for a couple hours. All in all it was a great trip, the kids were very well behaved. Kylie would not have had fun yesterday. She is just not a roller coaster kind of girl!! Oh and did I mention that I did all of this on 1 hr of sleep??? Good Lord, i'm a dedicated mom!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too much drama, too little interest....

So as I mentioned before....our shift bid is fast approaching. There is so much BS about who may be going to what shift, and who will bump who off what shift, I just can't keep up with it. I'm unfortunately on the bubble so to speak. When it comes time for me to write my name down, then i'll know what my shift choices will be. It is a stressful time though. I like the shift that i'm on, like the guys (officers and deputies) that I work with, the only exception is this one snatch that ended up on our shift this last bid. She has been nothing but trouble, and has created wayyyyy too much DRAMA! You would think that with as many times as she has been called out of the room, and called into the directors office, that she would want to get as far away from our shift as possible....however, had to know there was a however in there seems like she may choose to stay on "our" shift, she does have the seniority damnit. So, if it happens that way, I guess it's 6 more months of putting up with her drama. She's just one of those women that's not happy unless she's being nasty to someone, or trying to get someone in trouble.

On another note.....I'm getting a personalized plate on my's going to say SRPY 911...which of course stands for Sarpy 911. I had to put two other choices down so they are IMAT911 and DSPTCHR. Hopefully i'll get my first choice.

Hmmmmmm.....not much else eventful going on....hopefully i'll get some sleep today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gotta be in with the "IN" crowd.....

Well I guess since everybody else is doing it.......I better just start one. I know i'll get roped into it anyway. I supposed one more added responsibility won't be too bad! LOL! So...i'm still waiting to hear if I made Trainer. A couple of people asked me about it last night, but no update yet. Our shift bid is coming around again, it's such a stressful time for me. I'm on the bubble so to speak and have no idea where i'll end up. I know this much at least....I will be able to stay on nights. Shift bid is just so much DRAMA!! Some of these nasty snatches just say things to rattle other peoples cages. See, that's why I don't like working with women!!

Not a whole lot new on the home front. Colby is cutting teeth and is a bear. He's not sleeping and has been foul for the past couple of days. Kylie, Christian and Kennedy went to the eye doctor this weekend and Kylie will be getting new glasses, Christian will start wearing glasses, and Kennedy's vision is 20/20.....oh and is she pissed about it!! She was trying on all the glasses at the store and had found several pair that she liked. She was soooooo not happy when the eye doctor told her she didn't need them!! Not my daughter, not Kennedy with an! Kylie leaves on Thursday to go on vacation with Joe's sister Julie and her husband Ron. They had invited her to go since she is so well behaved. She will be gone until the 22nd. They have so many fun things planned for their trip and Kylie is psyched! We didn't want the other two to feel left out so Joe and I are taking them to Kansas City on Saturday to Worlds of Fun. They have no idea we're going. Going to drop Colby at Grandma and Grandpa's in the morning and head out. Kylie is also lucky enought to have gotten an Art Scholarship for camp at the Joselyn Art Museum. The classes are about $200.00 for the week, and it's not going to cost us a dime. My nephew Zachary also got one so Carol and I will be carpooling.

I can't wait for school to start again. Am I a bad mother for saying that??? I like spending time with my kids but damn if I don't get much sleep when they're home. Kylie is my HUGE helper and is great with Colby. Christian and Kennedy pretty much fight and argue all day. Kennedy for some reason thinks that she is Queen Boofoo and needs to order her peon subjects around all day. Plus, they eat me out of house and home!!

Well enough for today.....maybe i'll actually be able to keep up on!